Crosswords could just Save the theatre! As a monthly competition, complete the crossword and send it back to help raise awareness for Marian St Theatre.

Fancy yourself as a theatre buff? Then prove it by completing our crossword. Stretch your mind, astound everyone with your intellect and have a great time while you’re doing it. Get it right, send it back to us and you’ll go into the draw to win a family pass to Maya and the Sea Dragon, Marian Street Theatre for Young People’s fantastic new mid-year production.

Written by award-winning author Wendy Blaxland, Maya and the Sea Dragon is all about Maya and her seahorse friend Koru’s adventures in Sydney Harbour. What will happen when the ancient seadragon wakes? Will they find the Weedy Seadragon in time?

When you’ve finished the crossword, simply scan it and email it back to, making sure you include your name and phone number with your entry. We’ll do the rest!

You can download and print the document here.

Crossword No 1.

Entries close April 8.

By Michael Richardson



  1. Listens in real time to practice session. (9)
  2. Actors who are buddies in limbo some time. (5)
  3. Car friend revels in illuminating the stage, switching off electricity first. (9,6)
  4. Actor confesses he’s past it when deadlock occurs on stage. (7)
  5. What the company seeks to do through repeated 1-acrosses. (7)
  6. Centre of mango thick enough for the dark side. (6)
  7. Youthful singer unlikely to be performing in 12-ac. theatre. (8)
  8. Cries of pain surround North Carolina after monk starts elocution lessons. (5,3)
  9. Strange ways Queen follows for Finn’s mate. (6)
  10. New beginning for MST? (7)
  11. Dig tail out of new MST sound system. (7)
  12. Capital guarantee for comedy performed at MST in 1982. (6,9)
  13. Flowers for the cast? (5)
  14. Cricket ground after space for theatre owners. (9)


  1. Limited performance at first 1-ac? (7)
  2. What one might expect to happen to the pace after three or four 1-acrosses. (3,2)
  3. Confess: you’ll need a ticket for this! (9)
  4. Golfer’s start for furniture on-stage. (6)
  5. Old-fashioned window lost a modern way of brightening the stage. (3, 5)
  6. Gad Sir! Be limp-wristed about the Colonel. (5)
  7. Knox student prime candidate for MST. (9)
  8. The central part of my story changes as drug takes hold. The Mousetrap is one! (7)
  9. 76 members of the top brass play these. (9)
  10. A ruling gold affected on opening night. (9)
  11. Naphthalene used to preserve MST? (8)
  12. One of David Rudkin’s six in Hamburg largely. (7)
  13. Luxury cars used to raise and lower scenery. (7)
  14. Turned side on, he made 9-ac., 5-dn. possible. (6)
  15. Right! Rings up magistrate about offices under MST. (5)
  16. Big noter confused about Pavarotti. (5)